This co-production research project looked into the needs of people finding and using toilets on journeys. We worked with people with a range of disabilities to discover some common priorities and define what we really mean by accessible toilets.

We are now using our findings to raise awareness among architects, planners, designers, manufacturers, installers, purchasers, service providers … anyone who has a role to play in improving toilets on a journey.

This is important – if we can’t use a toilet when we’re out and about we might stop travelling. We intend to move toilet design and provision up the list of priorities.

We are:

Professor Heather Wilkinson, Director of the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia (ECRED).

Dr. Gill Mathews, Research Fellow and Project Co-ordinator, ECRED.

Professor Mary Marshall, senior consultant at Dementia Centre, Hammond Care UK, Honorary Chair at ECRED, expert in designing for dementia and author of Toilet Talk.

Andy Hyde, Founder at Go Upstream, a new enterprise aiming to improve the travel experiences by working with people living with dementia, providing education and training for transport service providers.

Jenny Miller, Chief Executive of PAMIS who support people living with multiple, complex disabilities and champion for Changing Places toilets.

Agnes Houston representing the Scottish Dementia Alumni.

Meet our team of co-researchers here

A Public Inconvenience is registered as a freestyle project, as part of the National Standards for Public Involvement in Research – a UK-wide partnership, developing a set of standards and indicators for public involvement in research.  The aim of the standards is to improve the quality and consistency of public involvement in research.

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